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Social Security Administration

SSA’s site is the best thing the agency has done in recent memory. The site takes a step toward solving a problem that drives agency consumers wild: SSA is an immense outfit with lots of information available through an 800 number and at local offices. But often the information given out is wrong. The web site promises to be a reliable source of authoritative information on disability standards and the claims process.

SSA’s website offers general explanations of benefit programs and claims process; the text of the Social Security Act, and relevant federal regulations and rulings; announcements of changes in the law; plus various interactive benefit estimators, and SSA forms.

Sign up for SSA’s e-news and get timely updates on breaking SSA developments. From the homepage, try 10 most requested services and click on the e-news heading to sign up.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Current Edition

The great Merck Manual, current edition, in full, free. The Merck offers detailed, but succinct, descriptions of medical disorders and treatment by body system. Psychiatric and pediatric problems included. This long has been the starting place for most disability advocates seeking medical facts.

Cornell Law Library
Social Security section

Cornell Law Library’s Social Security-related site is part of its broader effort to make available on line a wide range of basic legal documents in many subject areas.

The site offers, among other items, the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational titles (DOT), adopted as authoritative for job description and exertional rating by SSA; selected sections of the Procedures and Operations Manual System (POMS), the agency’s maddeningly specific step by step rule book for use at the local office level; and HALLEX, SSA’s administrative law judge policy and procedure manual.

The site offers convenient access to recent amendments to the Social Security Act and regulations.

Also included for free is a treatise: Martin on Social Security, providing plain English explanations of a wide range of eligibility and claims process subjects.

Second Circuit Court of Appeals

Decisions of the 2nd Circuit — the precedent-making federal court for NY/Conn/Vt. Both published and unpublished decisions appear. Cases listed by year. Social Security cases identifiable by defendant Commissioner’s name. Search engine available. Links to other circuits’ decisions.

This material also available through the Pace law library site, but Touro’s is better designed, moves faster and has a search engine.

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